Kids Protection Planning

Kids Protection Planning should be part of every estate plan!

Protect the Kids!

Do you worry about what might happen to your kids if you and your spouse were killed in a terrible accident today?

I know we did!  When we were raising three young kids, my wife and I had a lawyer make up a will that gave our best friends the right to raise the kids.  We thought that was good enough.  Fortunately, we never found out that probably would not have worked.

There were several issues with that approach … using a will is too late, mostly.  Buy the time anyone actually gets around to looking at a will, the kids might have spent a month in foster care, been assigned a guardian, had property “managed” by the state, and been handed off between several organizations.  They might not even be together by that point!  And, we’d have no say about which sibling “should have” the right to raise them, or which family, part of the country, or even religion they would be exposed to.


So, now that I’m an estate planning attorney, I want things different for you.

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