Press Release – Entrepreneurial Attorney of the Year finalist

Many attorneys start firms, but not as many have successful firms.  In those cases, the successful ones simply have learned to treat the firm as a business, and to consider themselves as “small business owners” first and as attorneys second.  This one enlightened decision (or realization) can make all the difference to the practice.

In 2013, Doug decided that the business aspects of his practice needed  to be treated as the number-one detail, and so began to develop practices and procedures that support a profit while at the same time delivering premier customer service to his clients.

His efforts were recognized in 2016 when he was nominated for “Entrepreneurial Attorney of the Year” by the Richard James marketing company (Your Business Automated LLC) and competed in November at their annual meeting with five other outstanding entrepreneurial attorneys.  Although Doug did not win (this year), he believes that he learned an incredible amount of information in the preparation and presentation and is honored to have been considered a finalist.  He looks forward to continuing and expanding his practice of service to elders and veterans in the coming years.

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