Life Pathways

A new way of looking at your plans…

You want to protect your family, your children, or your parents.  Documents only do a part of that.  You need someone to walk with you through your fears and worries … knowing what you face takes fear away.

Get rid of fears and doubt.  Contact the Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig.

The Life Pathways Plan

We call our process the Life Pathways Plan. It is the right plan, at the right time, using the right documents. It is peace of mind.

How do we get there? Planning and Attention.  Extra Care for you and your loved ones.

Developing an estate or Life Pathways Plan for you means that we have to ask a lot of questions.  We really want to understand you, your family, your dreams, and your objectives.  Every family is different, yet all families have interesting and important details that help guide us to help you reach your goals.  For example, some people want to “spend it all” before they die; some want to save as much as possible for the kids, even if that means less travel or less fancy accommodations; some need to care for children or siblings with special needs.

What is YOUR goal?  YOUR desire?  YOUR plan?

Planning that works with you

The staff and attorneys at The Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC want to help you and your families.  We believe that we best help you through our comprehensive planning, counseling, and analysis.  Only after we have a plan for you can we develop the right documents to support your plan.

This is our approach… The right plan, at the right time, using the right documents.

Attention on you and your family

Dedication to you. After all, you and the issues you face are important to us.
In fact, you are why we exist, and why we come to work each day.

Frankly, it isn’t the least expensive process.  We don’t just provide documents.  But, if you want control, if you want a plan that your family understands, and if you need peace of mind about your future … you need to be working with us.  Of course, you will get the documents too, but Doug will take time to plan with you.  Not an uninterested person just filling out forms … but real time with a skilled attorney who cares for you.

Yes, you will meet our outstanding staff, and even spend time with them, and you will reach them on the phone – they are great people who care for you too.  And, when appropriate we will call in other experts, or invite you to lunch-and-learn sessions that give you new understanding.  Books are available to help you put it all together. It is a holistic approach to planning that gives you peace of mind.

You need to be able to call us if you have questions, fears, or concerns.
You need to have someone address your fears.
You need our staff and our partners, and you need Doug Koenig.

Schedule a complimentary strategy session today.  No cost, no obligation.

Extra care and support for Veterans

Life Pathways Plans for Veterans are complex, and we take care to do them right.  There are similarities and overlap between the programs, and we care for our veterans in the same way.

The law office attorneys are VA accredited and we are members of important organizations with national influence. We thank our Veterans and appreciate the service and the sacrifices they and their families have made. We work to secure the benefits you deserve.

Contact us today to start along your Life Pathway!

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