Are you recently engaged? Congratulations!

Summer is a great time to become engaged .. and for weddings.
If this is your time, enjoy it!

But, don’t forget an important detail … your estate plan!

Why worry about that, you ask?  We are not even married yet!

Here is why … many couples live together before marriage.  They buy a dog and a couple of cats, they jointly purchase things for the home, and they start making a life together.  Sometimes one or the other will buy the home in which they live.

But what happens when one dies suddenly?

Unless there is a plan, with LEGAL documents, the fiance’ is out of luck.  That home you owned “together”?  Gone to his parents or his children.  The car you were driving?  Gone to pay creditors.

As a fiance’, or house-mate, you have NO RIGHTS at all.

Unless you both create a plan that incorporates how your assets should go to one another.

Don’t wait, do it today!

P.S. – This comes home for me today because I took two calls this week from people in this exact situation.  One was from a retired woman who lived with her fiance for a few years.  They had not gotten married, yet… “Never got around to it” she said.  Two or three years ago, she moved in with him … and guess who owned the home?  Right, he did.


The home now belongs to his two grown kids, and she was told to vacate the premises.  Imagine having to deal with the grief of losing your partner, and then having to find a new living arrangement, and new home, new furnishings … and starting out, again, with nothing …

Don’t let this be your story!

Call us today for help in setting up a plan that you both can live with.


P.P.S. – Powers of Attorney are almost as important!

If your fiance’ needs medical or financial help, who will he (or she) want to make those decisions? If it is you, then he (or she) had better create some documents that give you that right.

I had another call this week (bad week, right?) from a woman whose boyfriend was in a simple accident. He was injured and needed surgery. not only could she not help make decisions, she was not allowed to even find out how he was doing in the hospital. His sister kept her out of the room, and it was a struggle for her to find out anything.

Do you want your story to show up in someone’s blog post?

I didn’t think so … call us today!


Call now!

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