Comprehensive Planning and Dedicated Attention … Elder Law and Estate Plans you understand

Don’t be stressed over estate planning!

Planning should be done with YOU in mind.  We believe that you should be able to understand the documents, but even more so, the PLANS.

Estate Planning and Elder Law isn’t just the Will, or a Power of Attorney.  It is the Conversation … it is us being able to hear YOUR needs, and to design a plan that includes YOU in the decision-making process.  Do you need help finding a better facility for your spouse?  Do you need a document to assist with making health decisions?  Do you need to talk about family dynamics in case one of your parents passes away?  Do you have a terminal diagnosis? Do you need planning for protecting your children?

What do you DESIRE from your lawyer? A plan you understand. A checklist of what to do when. And, the documents that help you get there.

That is what you get from the Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig.  Listening, comprehending, compassion, and care.

The Life Pathways Plan

We call our process the Life Pathways Plan. It is the right plan, at the right time, using the right documents. It is peace of mind.

How do we get there? Planning and Attention.

Planning that works with you.
The staff and attorneys at The Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC want to help you and your families.  We believe that we best help you through our comprehensive planning, counseling, and analysis.  Only after we have a plan for you can we develop the right documents to support your plan.

This is our approach… The right plan, at the right time, using the right documents.

Attention on you and your family.
Dedication to you.

After all, you and the issues you face are important to us.
In fact, you are why we exist, and why we come to work each day.

You need to be able to call us if you have questions, fears, or concerns.
You need to have someone address your fears.
You need our staff and our partners, and you need Doug Koenig.

Extra care and support for Veterans.
Life Pathways Plans for Veterans are complex, and we take care to do them right.
The law office attorneys are VA accredited and we are members of important organizations with national influence. We thank our Veterans and appreciate the service and the sacrifices they and their families have made. We work to secure the benefits you deserve.

When you want true peace of mind and the right plan working for you … you need the Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig.

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